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Mexico Travel Insurance

Choice Agents Mexico Travel Insurance

If you’re headed south of the border, you’ll need liability coverage from a Mexico insurance company. Various Mexico insurance laws require you to purchase liability insurance from an insurer that's licensed to provide coverage in Mexico — which means your regular auto insurance most likely won't cover you. Although there are some US insurance companies that might offer physical damage protection (comprehensive and collision coverage), they cannot provide the legal requirement for property damage you cause in Mexico.

As local, independent agents, we work for YOU, finding you the best possible rate for the right coverage. As authorized agents of Insurance Professionals of Arizona, we compare dozens of companies to find you the best options for home, auto, business and life insurance in many states. We're proud to work only with A-rated carriers so our clients can expect outstanding financial strength and superior claims service to help protect what they value most. And with over 6 decades of combined experience, you can count on the most informed advice and stellar service! 

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Determining what coverage is right for you.
You will find our three plans that range in coverage, find your plan:

  • Basic Coverage:  Third Party liability, legal assistance, travel assistance and medical payments.
  • Standard Coverage:  Offers coverage for your vehicle for theft and collision, medical payments, legal, travel assistance, as well as includes the legally required third party liability insurance. (Only available for vehicles 20 years or under).
  • Extended Coverage:  This is our most comprehensive plan. Covers the Basic coverage package listed above, plus, total and partial theft, collision, vandalism, fixed deductibles, U.S. Labor rates and GAP coverage for your vehicle. As well as increased Medical and the ability to have your vehicle repaired in the US (Only available for vehicles 20 years or under).

Documents to take when you travel.
While planning to visit friends or family, grocery shopping, a medical trip, business or any other reason. It is important to remember you are traveling to another country where you will need certain documents to travel.

  • US Passport (required for re-entry to the US)
  • Valid Driver’s license- Must be a Valid Non-Mexico driver’s license.
  • Title or ownership and or valid vehicle registration- Mexico authorities will not allow a vehicle with an expired registration to enter Mexico.
  • Mexico Auto Insurance- We will gladly assist with this.
  • Finance/Lienholder authorization letter- When a vehicle is financed, lienholders provide a letter stating this vehicle is allowed to travel out of its home Country. (Please check with your lienholder/finance company prior to entering Mexico)

Having your documents is very important, especially if a claim is filed. The process will be smoother, and you will have peace of mind knowing you are prepared.